About School


Panacea means a universal remedy of all things. So fulfilling its name, The Panacea sr.sec Public school is serving its students, Parents and society . It is solving the problems of the students by understanding their psychology , its solving the problem of the parents by honestly fulfilling its task of educating and solving the problems of the society by developing the students socially responsible . School provides a student – centered education in a stimulating and multi-cultural environment, which gives each student the opportunity and freedom for the fullest possible development as a whole person prepared for life . its concern is for the student’s intellectual , physical, moral, spiritual, creative and social development. This is realised through a wide range of opportunities and challenges free of gender bias In which the development of fundamental skills go hand in hand with the freedom to explore and create.


1. To build in every student a strong understanding of and respect for india and its culture, history and traditions.
2. To allow students to test their understanding and respect for india in the context of a global and rapidly changing society.
3. To instill in every student tolerance for others and to eliminate all forms of prejudice from the minds of its students.
4. To assess the academic potential of each student and define the correct individual strategy to help each student achieve his best.
5. To explore teaching strategies and methodologies globally to ensure that our students are esposed to the most modern teaching that is appropriate to their needs.
6. To ensure that all students have the widest range of opportunities beyond the classroom and that each student can develop both generally and in areas of specific personal talent.
7. To encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and for others and to understand the needs of those less fortunate than themselves.
8. To help students develop the skills and motivation to become independent learners throughout their lives as well as well-rounded and free thinking global citizens.

Featured Services

Chemistry labs

Chmical compounds,proper appratus with requirments are available to studdents,most important the lab assistants are hired for students to perform the variuos experiments in the lab.

Best Teachers

The best teachers are hired,their way of teaching is so adorable every student wants to come schoo l each and every day without making excuses,also provide guidlines to students regarding their future.

Activity Room

Activity School has developed a unique activity room for the pre-primary and primary kids. This room is adequately equipped with modern toys, toy cycles, different types of slides and play houses.

School Garden

different types of enjoyable kids stuff through which they would feel charm and wants to come school everyday without making excuses.

Transport services

The Panacea public school providing to our children a great transportation service with our trust worthy drivers who properly cares to our little flowers and gives 100% safety to them.

Drawing lessons

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Our expert trainers with their creative thought gives lesson to our little artist who can easily compete with someone.